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Storage Units and pricing

Sizes we offer:


5x10 Insulated                                           

5x15 Insulated             

10x10 No Fence                                      

10x10 Insulated           

10x12.5 Insulated                        

10x15 Insulated                                                       

10x20 Insulated           

10x25 No Fence                                      

10x25 Insulated           

20x15 Insulated           

15x30 Insulated                          

20x25 Insulated                          

20x30 insulated                          

10X10 Climate Control  

10X15 Climate Control  


A Little Tip:

Climate Control units are controlled by temperature using a thermostat (hot/cold) 24/7/365.

Insulated units are NOT controlled by temperature. They are supplied with insulation only.

*$10 Deposit required at  move-in

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